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M/V Elisabeth has licenses for fishing for North Sea herring, NVG herring, mackerel, horse mackerel, sprat and capelin. The fishery takes place in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, the Barents Sea and the Island.

Elisabeth is a modern and efficient purse seiner at 60.9 m, built in 1994. The boat has a crew of 10 people during fishing.


M/V Bømmelfjord is a purse seiner built in 1968, is 54 meters long and has kystnotkvoter on saithe, mackerel, capelin, North Sea herring and NVG herring.

M/S Bømmelbas is a combined purse / trawler and has quota of North Sea herring, NVG herring, mackerel, capelin, blue whiting and sand eel. The boat is 62 meters long, 11.6 meters wide and has cargo capacity of 1,100 tons. The boat was built in 2000 by Fitjar Mek. Versted.

A short movie where Bømmelfjord being readied for fishing:

And here’s an older movie from fishing grounds filmed aboard the MV Elisabeth::