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Our fishing tradition goes back five generations. Simon Larsen born 1839 came from Løkling in Bømlo and settled in Eidesvik. He was the first who took the name Eidesvik. He fished for herring with small boats and fishing with pots. He was an energetic laborer.

Today’s generation is Lars Magne Eidesvik (b. 1971), Mathias Eidesvik (b. 1973), Celius Eidesvik (b. 1977) and Einar Eidesvik (b. 1981). These took up the fishing tradition after having been out of the fishery for some years. MS Elizabeth (1995 – 1998) was the first boat and named after their mother who has a strong involvement in daily operations.

In 1986 Magne and Bernt Arne established a fish farming company, Eidesvik Smolt AS, a hatchery in Eidesvik. In 1989 bought a Hogganvik Salmon and Salmon Garvik. In 1993 Skartveit Fish was purchased. These three fish farms are owned by our company Eidesvik Salmon AS. The hatchery Eidesvik AS Goddo, in the north of Bømlo, was bought in 1995 and operated until 2006 when the plant was sold. In 1999, Magne took over the entire operation and owns it today with his wife and sons.